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Association "Inside" is a voluntary and non-governmental, non-political, non-profit association which operates activities, connected with working with people by helping for protecting and enhancing the mental health, the promotion of human morality, activities for integration, collaboration with institutions and organizations. The main objectives of the association are: educational and training services:

To support, promote and develop democratic values and civil society events and defend freedom, dignity and self-esteem of children, young people and vulnerable and high-risk communities;
To promote personal development and enhance the quality of life of children, young people, people with disabilities and other vulnerable social groups and create viable and sustainable structures for the functioning of social activities;
To provide activities for a social inclusion and contribute to increasing opportunities for community involvement, academic and professional development and employment;
To provide specialized assistance in the diagnosis of personality and personality disorders, development of skills in self-presentation, work motivation and mobilization of resources for a personal expansion; advice on career development, communication skills, recruitment; education in tolerance and touch to the art and craft in order to prevent risky behaviour.
Association "Inside" organizes, manages and conducts trainings, vocational trainings and trainings on key competences for various programs and measures.

In all activities of the Association "Inside" participate young people with special needs, too. Helping for the solution of their problems has always been our top priority.

Association "Inside" has several years of experience in the design and management of projects under the program "Youth in Action" that in the new programming period is renamed - "Erasmus Plus". At the beginning we started with the implementation of several youth initiatives that have raised great interest in Smolyan.

They attracted many supporters and volunteers that helped for enriching our activities. They are the main factor and the capacity of the organisation. That stimulates us to continue our work and develop it. The resource of young people gave the idea to expand our activities beyond the limits of our country.

So far, activities and events of the association have involved more than 150 young people from Smolyan. In the office of Association "Inside" work three volunteers, they actively keep in touch with other young people – giving them the latest information on programs and measures, initiatives and activities according to their interests.

Association "Inside" contributes to the development of young people, helping them to develop their physical, creative and spiritual qualities of good citizens of the Republic of Bulgaria. We strive to:
  • Creating the conditions for realization and dissemination of creative ideas and products that contribute to promoting understanding and friendship between young people in the region;
  • Organization of alternative youth and civic forms of activities to engage the free time;
  • Encouraging the organization, financing, development and implementation of activities to promote the work of young talented people;
  • Supporting the successful European integration of the country.
A certified psychologist works in the organisation. It works well with many other NGO and community centres in cities, where there are based clubs, in towns and villages near them.
Our organization is open to recruiting new members and supporters, who want to defend our lines of development:
To conduct a number of studies, trainings and joint activities with the local authority on issues of public interest;
To develop solidarity and promote tolerance among the society in order to stimulate the social cohesion in the European Union;
To encourage the public participation and strengthen the links between local groups, schools, business and municipal authorities;
To encourage the participation of young people in activities, related to personal and social development, and in activities for social adaptation;
To work actively for sustainable democratic social development and promote the principles of the civil society;
To work towards taking action and measures to restore and improve the quality of the environment;
To improve the welfare of people with disabilities – their acceptance and finding a place in a family, a circle of classmates, colleagues, friends, a part of the environment and the communities, in which they live;
To provide an inclusive, accepting and stimulating development environment for children and young people with disabilities;
To counteract the negative social phenomena, circulating in the youth field, such as criminality, aggression, addiction, prostitution, xenophobia and others.