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Labour Mediation - under license
The mission of the NGO "Inside" is to discover talents and help them for their successful career.

We connect employers and employees.

Here we clarified briefly what the essence of the labour mediation that we practice is.

 What is the technology of the labour mediation in public exchanges of labour?

Labour mediation is a set of activities in order to help meeting the needs of both customer groups – employers and job seekers. These services are organized by the National Employment Service via the Bureaus of labour. They include the following groups of services:
  • Information and consultation: a) rights and obligations under the existing legislation; b) state and issues of the local labour market; c) the opportunity to work abroad for Bulgarian citizens and for foreign citizens in the country; d) the possibility to change profession or to work in another place; e) the possibility of motivation and skill training.
  • Referral to psychological counseling in order to motivate the labour market and searching for a job. .
  • Selection and referral to vacancies.
  • Organizing the use of financial incentives for employment.
  • Support and involvement in vocational trainings.

How does the NGO "Inside" operate with regard to recruitment?

Our mediation begins with an objective assessment of your profile, including your education and work experience. Your last job influences most. Now is the time for you to present the sectors in which you imagine your future career. Then we offer you different areas where you have a real chance of a career. They can be close to your last work position. In case you want to retrain or you are looking for a job that will offer you greater security in the future, or work, related to more exciting activities, we will look for you exactly this position.

The labour market in Europe is dynamic, so the linear career is rare. Think about this not only as a risk, but also as a challenge.

Very often we are able to offer you in a short time the first interesting positions that are looking for qualified personnel. We discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages to find quickly and successfully the position that would suit most of your skills and desires.

If you and the organization, to which we direct you, are satisfied, then we will have already achieved our goal, namely, we will have responded to the needs of both – the client and the candidate to work – in the best for both sides way.

So if you are at a crossroads in your professional plans, do not hesitate to contact us! NGO "Inside" will be happy to meet you and advise you in a competent way about job opportunities both in the country and abroad!

Moreover, the mediation service for job seekers according to the Bulgarian legislation is completely free. This service also applies to applicants who live outside the country.