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Language Trainings
Vocational Training Centre NGO "Inside" conducts licensed foreign language trainings in Key Competencies 2 - Communication in foreign languages.

We offer language trainings in:

  • English - Level A1, A2 and B1, total - 300 classes, 100 classes for each level;
  • German - Level A1, A2 and B1, total - 300 classes, 100 classes for each level;
  • Spanish - Level A1, A2 and B1, total - 300 classes, 100 classes for each level.

During the training we rely on synchronized interaction between traditional and interactive educational models, looking for a successful integration between their advantages in the learning process.

For Vocational Training Centre NGO "Inside" communication is not only an educational aim, but also a learning tool. That is why, in our opinion, the learning process should be characterized by:

Equivalent mastery of the new information;
Interconnected exercise of the accepted knowledge;
Thematic teaching in the context of situations;
Authentic examples as a basis of the educational content;
Teaching and learning strategies in real situations, both thematically related to the trainings;
Creating motivation for learning to the learner through interesting topics;
Implementation of various social forms of work - individual, pair, group;
Content, which is a challenge for the learner to orient the new material and create new opportunities for themselves.
The communicative method fully meets our vision for the required trainings. We believe that by provoking activity in the learner, by creating motivation for learning, by setting ambitious but achievable goals, the new knowledge is absorbed permanently and built quickly. That is why we offer a group, rather than an individual training. In the group the student really has the ability to communicate in a discussion or in a dialogic form, to receive impulses from the other participants, and to compare their own achievements. Thus, in the group they complete and build their knowledge and make criteria for self-assessment.

At the end of the training the students take tests that check the level of knowledge and based on the results, we issue language certificates.


The language certificates:

Fully correspond to the Common European Framework;
Are oriented entirely to practice and interpersonal communication;
Apply in Bulgaria and other foreign countries;
Even the lowest levels A1 and A2 represent an official certificate of language competence when you apply for certain jobs;
Are suitable for everyone over 16 years.
The certificates for a successfully passed language training are essential for those who wish to apply for a job abroad, all who graduate vocational high schools, or for those who have language skills to varying degrees, but do not have the document that proves them right and is formally recognized at home and abroad. They are useful not only for those who apply for work or study, but also for employers and educational institutions.

Price for each passed level – 150 leva, for the three levels – 450 leva Applications for participation are accepted every day from 8:00 to 17:00 at:

Bulgaria, Smolyan, "Bulgaria" Avenue 24, 5th floor, office 500 and 502
/ in the building of the Dental clinic /
Phone: 0894 777 174