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Trainings for Children
Vocational Training Centre NGO "Inside" conducts art classes and foreign language trainings for children.

Vocational Training Centre NGO "Inside" gives the opportunity to children to engage in a variety of activities that acquire skills which, contribute to their full and comprehensive development. We offer the following classes:

• Fine and Applied Arts;
• Music
• Acting and Puppetry;
• Dancing

We work with qualified teachers, actors, artists, applied artists, who encourage children to unleash their imagination, to gain new skills, to discover their creative potential. Particular attention is paid to the intellectual development of children by organizing visits to museums, exhibitions, puppet theatre, sightseeing tours in Smolyan.

Knowledge of a foreign language is one of the main prerequisites for a successful start in life. What better way to improve your spoken and written skills of your child than by songs, games and meeting new friends? Vocational Training Centre NGO "Inside" offers foreign language training for children in English, German and Spanish. The training systems are in accordance with the age and level of knowledge of the children. The language trainings in Vocational Training Centre NGO "Inside" cover the basic levels of the CEFR (A1 to B1). They are based on the communicative methodology that develops in parallel all language skills - listening, reading, writing and speaking.

For the children's courses is typical the use of diverse methodological and didactic methods - songs, stories, party games and adapted films that make learning a fun adventure. Students are encouraged to prepare different thematic projects that develop creative thinking and enrich their lexical stock. We prepare the students to understand and communicate freely in foreign languages, and to use their knowledge flexibly, depending on their specific goals. We try to develop the language skills of our children in a welcoming environment that makes learning both enjoyable and as it is possible more effective.

Make studying more amusing for your child by choosing our children's courses for the following reasons:

• Conducting of the classes at a convenient time;
• Teachers, specifically trained to work with children;
• A proven effective model for control of the educational process;
• A selection and approval of the educational systems and curricula;
• A feedback from parents during the training;
• A contract for language learning;
• Monthly games, contests, competitions;
• Development of group projects;
• Adapted stories and comics for children and teenagers;
• Dances and celebrations.