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Trainings for Skills Development

Social skills are all forms of behavior that we need to learn to participate effectively and constructively in social life and to resolve conflicts, when it is necessary.

Improving of social skills is a prerequisite for the social activity and the effective communication between people. Therefore the main goals, set by Association “Inside”, are development of the personal potential of society, enhancing capacity to adapt to a dynamic environment and increasing the chances for an optimal career realization.

In this regard, Association "Inside" offers the following consultations and trainings:

Individual Counseling

A form of partnership working between a client and a psychologist. It uses different techniques and methods of psychology to enable the customer to feel happy again , strong and able to continue their lives in a way, they have always dreamed of. During consultations with a psychologist you analyze your strengths and weaknesses, discuss stereotypes, explore significant events for you and moments of life, view which situations pose problems for you and are stressful, check which ways of your behavior bring you success and which make troubles for you, experiment with unfamiliar roles for you. You will solve specific problems and relax. Association “Inside” provides, in turn, professionalism, care and respect for the client, security and anonymity;

Coaching for Personal Growth

It is directed to forming and implementation of specific goals – better relationships at home / at work, an optimally healthy and balanced diet, execution of delayed creative projects, synchronizing with spiritual quests, prioritizing of tasks, discovering time for yourself, increasing motivation, effective planning and action, development and validation of new habits and skills; exemption from unhealthy beliefs, acquisition of higher self-esteem and confidence;

Training for Teamwork

The performance and success of a company depends largely on how employees are able to work in a team. The training is aimed at optimizing and adjusting inter-group processes in your team. The participants in this training are placed in specific and unusual situations for them to explore the roles they play in the team, their relationships, and the reasons for existing of problems and conflicts. The team members are also involved in the evaluation and analysis of every situation, in which they are placed. In this way they help for increasing the group cohesion and the development of a plan for improving the quality of public projects. The results from the training are associated with greater efficiency in the workflow, more accurate decision-making, increasing of satisfaction from work, higher levels of motivation, stimulating creativity of employees, reduction of conflicts;

Training for Team building

Team building is a kind of group work for building a cohesive team and increasing its efficiency. It may be held in pre- rented for the purpose hall or outside the dynamic city, at a special place. This method is applied in the form of dynamic role-playing with elements of creativity, spontaneity, mutual assistance in a team, and the desire for adventure. In the developing games we use betting techniques from psychodrama and cognitive-behavioral psychology. The training increases the sensitivity of the individual in terms of the intensive group experience, it develops the knowledge and ability to communicate, creates conditions for sharing their experiences in a group. It builds skills for team work and group decision-making, increases trust and cooperation between members of the group;

Training for Development of Communication Skills

The training helps for understanding the peculiarities of human communication, squinting and revaluation of an own communication style, to distinguish the effective and the ineffective patterns of interaction. The training improves communication skills by developing the ability of empathy, mastering the techniques of effective listening and providing a feedback;

Training for Development of Sales Skills

The training focuses on skills for marketing a product, negotiating transactions and increasing the overall communicative abilities. The participants learn the sequence of specific objectives in conducting a conversation, the responses to the statements of the partners, the impact of nonverbal communication on the efficiency of the transaction;

Training for Conflict Resolution

The training creates knowledge and skills for dealing with the feelings that lead to the generation of conflicts and their escalation. It helps for detecting a community of interests in complex situations. It shows the ways for making the inefficient positions more efficient in the dispute and also the steps for constructive communication;

Training for Resistance to Stressful Effects

Stress affects the emotional and physiological state of a person that affects the performance, motivation and efficiency in the workflow. When stress has an impact, it is difficult for everybody to deal with the consequences by themselves and it cost them much more time and effort, which inevitably affects their performance. It is advisable for us to take timely measures to reduce stress levels and to conduct periodic maintenance. In this way, employees will always complete in their activity and stress will not impact negatively on their health. The participation in this training will help to reduce the current level of stress and acquire skills for self-reduction of stress. The training supports and extends the skills of a psychiatric discharge. The participants learn the methods of the progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic training and active forms of recovery. Based on the techniques "award by concentration" and "communication through movement" it is achieved counteracting the tendency towards relief by foreign substances, alcohol, drugs, psychotropic substances;

Training for Improvement of Skills for Public Performance of the Product (Presentation)

The training is aimed at acquiring basic knowledge and skills for making a proper structure of the topic and a public exposure. The participants learn the specifics of the arrangement of the material in three parts of the topic – introduction, body and conclusion. The training reveals the psychological mechanisms for assessment, interaction and impact on the audience;

Training for Assertive (Confident) Behavior

The training helps for overcoming uncertainty, increasing self-confidence and self-esteem of the participants. They learn techniques to conduct effectively by asserting their position without confrontation with the others;

Training for Formation of Leadership Skills

The training is aimed at building a capacity of skills in managers to involve employees in the development of plans, decisions and achievement of the company goals. Consistency in their actions, ensuring a positive example to their subordinates. An ability to change ineffective practices and to introduce new approaches for optimizing of the workflow.